Jul 13 • 21M

10 Years of Applying DFAM: Changing Needs and Challenges for Computational Design

Prof. Tim W. Simpson – Penn State

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CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium Presentations + Interviews

As well as being possibly the most cited academic in DfAM, Prof. Tim W Simpson has over a decade of hands on experience working with nearly every AM technology at CIMP-3D, part of The Pennsylvania State University where he has lectured for nearly 25 years, teaching students and industry about design for additive manufacturing.

At CDFAM, Tim discussed how the evolution of machines, materials, and processes over the last decade, has also seen a corresponding shift from manual to computational design methodologies in both software tools and teaching requirements.

Tim also elaborated on the distinctions between instructing new students and facilitating workforce development and upskilling for seasoned engineers, highlighting the unique characteristics of each group’s learning needs.