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CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium
Scaling & Standardizing Patient Specific Design - Adam Wentworth – Mayo Clinic

Scaling & Standardizing Patient Specific Design - Adam Wentworth – Mayo Clinic


Presentation Title: Scaling & Standardizing Patient-Specific Design

This recording of the presentation at the CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium, held in New York City in 2023. The speaker is Adam Wentworth, a notable figure in the healthcare and additive manufacturing field, associated with the Mayo Clinic.

Abstract: Adam Wentworth, a key contributor to the advancements in patient-specific design at the Mayo Clinic, provides an insightful presentation that explores the challenges and solutions associated with scaling and standardizing patient-specific design in healthcare. In his presentation, Wentworth discusses the criticality of personalized healthcare solutions and the role of computational design and additive manufacturing in delivering highly specific and effective treatment options. Drawing from his extensive experience at the Mayo Clinic, Wentworth presents case studies that exemplify the transformative potential of these technologies in healthcare. He explores both the technical and practical aspects of standardizing patient-specific design, offering insights into regulatory considerations, manufacturing processes, and the impact on patient outcomes.

Audience: This presentation is designed for professionals, researchers, and academics in the fields of computational design, additive manufacturing, and healthcare, particularly those with an interest in patient-specific design and personalized healthcare. Individuals seeking a deep understanding of the intersection between healthcare and advanced manufacturing technologies will find this presentation extremely valuable.

Please note: The CDFAM Symposium serves as a renowned platform for the exchange of knowledge among experts in computational design and additive manufacturing. This recording is intended for educational and professional development purposes.