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CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium
Ten Years Teaching Additive - Prof. John Hart - MIT

Ten Years Teaching Additive - Prof. John Hart - MIT

Prof. John Hart - MIT

Presentation by Prof. John Hart of MIT at the CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium, held in New York City in 2023.

Presentation Title: Ten Years Teaching Additive

Abstract: Prof. John Hart, a leading academic figure in additive manufacturing from MIT, presents a reflective examination of his ten-year journey teaching additive manufacturing. In this presentation, Prof. Hart shares his unique pedagogical experiences, challenges, and triumphs in molding the next generation of experts in additive manufacturing. His talk offers valuable insights for educators, students, and professionals in the field of additive manufacturing. Audience: This presentation is specifically tailored for academics, educators, students, and professionals in the fields of computational design, additive manufacturing, and education. Individuals interested in the evolution and future trajectory of additive manufacturing education will find this presentation particularly enlightening. Please note: The CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium is a platform for knowledge sharing among pioneers in computational design and additive manufacturing. This recording is shared for educational and professional enrichment purposes.